Guidon Strength

Guidon Strength

Physical + Mental


Veteran owned and operated non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of young people.

Guidon Strength was founded by a group of Veterans who are passionate about using the maturity they gained while serving to improve the lives of U.S. teens.  We believe that Veterans have unique perspective that can be used in a way to help teens who may be facing adversity grow stronger.  Guidon thinks the drive that led Veterans to volunteer for military service can be replicated outside of the uniform.  We empower Veterans to continue their sacrifice by serving the civilian communities around them back home.  Through our partners we identify and connect teens who are less likely to transition to successful adulthood to our Veteran volunteers.  Then, by creating a relationship that is rooted in our Pillars of Strength, Guidon Strength's Veteran volunteers are able to reach teens who may be living in stressful situations.    Our programs not only develop physical strength through fitness programs, but also the mental resiliency that helps our athletes deal with stress, work in teams and gain perspective. 

Pillars of Strength

Ruthless self-assessment

True growth cannot be fostered in an alternate reality. It is rooted in knowing exactly where you stand in order to figure which way you are headed. This assessment cannot be done by someone else. Though, we are here to help you figure out where you are and provide you with all the tools to help you get to where you are going. 


Knowing where you are and where you are headed are the initial steps of your path. The next step is to believe in self and team. This is the belief that you can accomplish more than you think. The path maybe bumpy and crooked, but the path to success is there with belief.


Discipline is simple: finish what you start.  In order to support your outcome, discipline will guide you through your journey in order to help you discover health and improvement.  Short term pain for long term gain is the ability to not abandon in the pursuit for fleeting temptation.  Stay disciplined. 


Understanding and following the process will help lead to your success.  This process can be applied to anything you undertake.  When you face adversity, remaining rooted in the process will help you overcome and carry on.

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