Guidon Strength


Strength + Maturity



We work with our partners to identify a path for each individual then our Veteran Volunteers implement a program to support their goals.


Our belief is that we can build our best self only when pushed near our edge. We push our athletes to their edge through a physical culture of strength and conditioning as a metaphor to guide our athletes to their best self.  We use powerlifting to not only build physical strength, but also mental by establishing an identity rooted in resilience and perseverance. The ability to turn a goal into an achievement while undergoing a process is a part of our methodology. This is the same process that will lead to success in most areas of our lives. These thoughts are rooted in the tenets and lessons provided by the physical culture that we help our athletes convert into everyday life. 


CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movements done at high intensity.  Each workout is task oriented toward a goal which breeds a form of internal competitiveness that is a wonderful driving force.  The intensity is challenging and each time an athlete completes a workout they grow more confident, more fit and healthier.  We feel excitement and fear, we grow comfortable being uncomfortable and each time we face another workout our resilience grows.  Each humans’ potential is unknown but we know that positive habits breed positivity inside and outside of the gym which is a good step in trying to become the best version of ourselves


The first step to getting fit and feeling better is to get active. After getting into an active routine the question inevitably comes up, “how do I eat to get results faster”? Nutrition plays a huge role in optimizing fitness. Whether the goal is to get bigger and stronger, lose body fat, or just feel better in general, having the right nutrition is a key component. At Guidon Strength we provide personalized nutrition advice in conjunction with our fitness programs to support our atheletes' goals.


For athletes we identify through our partner network, who are not near one of our Veteran Volunteers, Guidon Strength provides paid gym memberships.  Contact us for more details.

SUMMER PROGRAMS (projected summer 2019)

Athletes who are part of our other fitness programs are invited to participate in our summer programs that not only focus on fitness, but allow our Veteran Volunteers to use their experiences to help atheletes learn how to deal with stress, build teams and gain perspective.